Robert's K38 Surf Motel
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Welcome to Robert's K38 Surf Motel.
Our Promotional poster shows some highlights at Robert"s.
The Penthouse draws a crowd.
Our recently added sign makes it easy to spot us from the road.
Our beach front patio has been recently tiled with mosaic accents. Our fire pit doubles as a table during the day. Great place to relax between sessions.
our newly tiled patio area is always a popular place to chill.
our beautifully tiled patio.
Our ocean front patio is great place to relax and meet new friends.
Some Bros hanging out up in the Penthouse.
Friends and a cold cerveza make for some simple good times at Robert's.
Baja sun too hot! Don't forget your sombrero Amigo!
Father and Son bonding over some quality surf out front.
Robert's as it is seen from the beach side parking lot.
Another view of Robert's from the beachside entrance with our recently added sign.
The "Surfer Shower" is finished with beautiful mosaic tile work. Nothing like a hot shower after an epic surf session.
Our Newly renovated board storage racks are great for keeping things organized between sessions.
Dropping in at the Point at K38 on a very low tide. The point will break well on almost any tide.
This is the view from over near the point looking back in the direction of Robert's.
The Girls love to stay at Robert's and surf to.
Occasionally the Point will produce some nice lefts. Just be sure to kick out before you reach the rocks.
Another uncrowded evening session at Robert's Reef.
When Robert's Reef is working well the lineup will look something like this.
The middle section between Robert's Reef and the K38 Point is known as the Beach break and it can get some very good lefts coming through.
Robert's Reef on a windy afternoon is still very surfable. The prevailing wind direction is croff shore.
Checking the surf at Calafia Point. Unfortunately this amazing wave doesn't break very often.
Juan and his wife Teresita run a small restaurant thats about 50 yards from Robert's.
Taco Surf is a 3 minute walk from Robert's. Great tacos and tortas.
Only the finest ingredients go into the tortas at Taco Surf.
Fayes happiness is a hot torta from Taco Surf.
A welcome addition to the neighborhood is the fish taco stand.
There's nothing more classic Baja than some great fish tacos.
The Hotel Las Rocas has an outdoor bar and restaurant that is open to the public. Its a 5 minute walk from Robert's.
Faye relaxing at the Las Rocas Jacuzzi.
Faye enjoying the beautiful ocean views from the jacuzzi at Las Rocas.
These Rocks are how Las Rocas got its name.
This gorgeous sunset view is from the pool area at Las Rocas.
Who says Baja isn't the land of Rainbows. From the upper deck at Robert's a double Rainbow.
The Condos at Club Marena as seen from the deck at Robert's.
Robert checking out the views from up at the Christ statue.
A small day at the point, as seen from the Christ statue. Nice clear water shows good contrast.
Another shot of the point on a much bigger swell.
Las Rocas as seen from the Christ Statue.
Hanging around the fire on Robert's patio area.
When the surf is flat or small we take out the kayaks and do some fishing.
Robert showing off a sand bass caught from the kayak.
After a morning of kayak fishing out of Las Salinas Marina. 20 minutes south of Robert's.
A stringer of Calicos caught off the kayak. There is a $10 charge to launch a kayak at the Las Salinas Marina.
After a morning of Kayak fishing we head for the Awesome Sunday Brunch at La Fonda.
The Sunday Brunch at La Fonda is popular for a reason, it's Awesome!
This guy plays at the Sunday Brunch and he kicks butt.
La Fonda has a really nice beach. On some weekends there are ultralite flights available. They're around $25 and last 20 minutes.
Taking off from the beach at La Fonda.
The view from the Ultralite as you head north.
Heading south you can see the long sandy beach at La Mision in the distance, directly below is La Fonda beach.
Russ and a friend with some Perch caught off the beach at La Fonda.
Robert and Ricky doing some fishing at La Mision.
Faye with some nice perch after a better than average morning of fishing at La Mision.
Russ holding a nice halibut he caught off the kayak right out in front of Robert's.
Robert's son Jim checking out some of the cool Tee shirts for sale at the K38 surf shop with the shop owner Jacinto.
Don't forget when you see the Christ statue you are almost to Robert's K38 Surf Motel.
Evening clouds over Calafia Point.
Calafia Hotel on a strong offshore day with a surfer going left at "Bus stops".
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There are several great places to eat in our neighborhood within walking distance as well as a liquor store, pharmacy and surf shop.