Robert's K38 Surf Motel
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"We pride ourselves at providing clean, safe and affordable rooms in a location that simply can't be beat for access to the surf and surrounding attractions." RussCarmona
Single Queen Bed. Best suited for a couple w/o children. Private Full Bath
One Queen size bed a Full size bed and a single Private Full bathroom. 

One Queen,one Full and one single. Private Full Bath

Rooms #7,#8 and #9 are identical in size and Capacity

Has 1 Queen and 1 Full size bed. Sleeps 4
Has 2 large Ocean view windows and Upgraded Bathroom
Starts at $80 for 2 persons,      $10 per additional Person
Room #1
Room #1
Room #2

Room #4
Room #3
$65 a night for 2 People
$65 a night for 2 people, $10 per additional person
5 people max
$65 a night for 2 People,                         $10 per additional person
$45  for 2 people, $55 for 3
Dry Room,No Bathroom. Private Common Toilet and shower available.    3 people max
5 People Max
We don't make any reservations by phone

Room Oceanview
$95 a night
Room Oceanview's Private Patio. Closest room to the ocean on our property.
All Rooms have a 2 Night Minimum Stay Requirement on Weekends and Holidays based on Demand
Our Economy Rooms are Clean, Comfortable and Totally On Budget
Room #6 is the same size as 7&8 but has a sink and toilet added on the side. $50 a night for 2, $60 for 3 people
Room #6
Room #5
$65 a night for 2 People, $10 per additional person
5 People Max
Room #9
$45 for 2 People,$55 for 3